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The “PROUD FEW” Motorcycle Club is an organization dedicated to supporting the United States Marine Corps Veterans and Veteran-related functions or charities. The purpose of the club is to foster a brotherhood dedicated to UNITED STATES MARINES, and the sport of motorcycle riding. Above all, we represent the freedoms provided by the United States of America and her Constitution as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. We are first and foremost Patriots to our country.

The Proud Few Motorcycle Club was formed to enhance and promote the brotherhood we already shared as fellow Marines; we wear our patch to exemplify the freedom bought and paid for through the service and sacrifice of Marine Veterans since 1775. We have no territorial interests and will entertain no such dispute. We will enthusiastically join fellow Veteran and civilian Motorcycle Clubs in furthering awareness in Veterans Affairs, POW/MIA Issues, and in protecting the interests at home that our troops are fighting for overseas.


The “PROUD FEW” Motorcycle Club Colors are fashioned after the original Eagle, Globe, and Anchor from the 19th Century, which is our center patch. The top rocker is a waving banner with our call sign, “PROUD FEW.” The bottom rocker is a waving banner stating where the Patch Holder attended basic training: PARRIS ISLAND, MCRD SAN DIEGO, or MCB QUANTICO. The center patch is flanked on the left by a patch with the year the Patch Holder entered the Corps; it is flanked on the right by the MC patch. The color scheme is USMC sage green and tan, after the USMC Service “B” and “C” uniform chevrons.


Proud Few Motorcycle Club

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